Exit from shopping center

Lutz Partner Rechtsanwälte AG advised a widely known Swiss retail company and successfully negotiated on its behalf in connection with an early exit from a long-term lease agreement for retail properties in a shopping Center.

RAin Dr. Irene Biber | 2017

Compliance advising

Lutz Partner Rechtsanwälte AG advised a large family office in connection with the implementation of a new payment system on compliance with anti-money laundering regulations. The system could successfully be put into operation.

RA Dr. Peter Lutz | 2017

Commercial and residential lease Agreement

Lutz Partner Rechtsanwälte AG reviewed and amended on behalf of the real estate management of an international insurance group the general terms and conditions for commercial and residential lease agreements used for the Swiss market.

RAin Dr. Irene Biber | 2017

Notes Offering

Lutz Partner Rechtsanwälte AG advised a multinational industry group in connection with a £27 million note offering. The notes were successfully concluded in January 2018 with the involvement of several group companies.

RA Dr. Peter Lutz / RA Martin Kern | 2017

Legacy planning in a patchwork family

Lutz Partner Rechtsanwälte AG advised a patchwork family on its legacy planning with the goal to fully favor the surviving spouse and to treat all children, to the extent possible, equally.

RA Dr. Peter Lutz / RAin Stefanie Wimmer

Litigation at the commercial court

Lutz Partner Rechtsanwälte AG represented a software provider at the commercial court of the Canton of Zurich in connection with the immediate termination of a maintenance contract. The matter is still pending.

RA Rolf Kuhn / RAin Stefanie Wimmer | 2017