COVID-rent reduction

Lutz Partner Rechtsanwälte AG assisted a well-known men's fashion store in Zurich in connection with a rent reduction. The store had to temporarily close its store due to the lockdown orders and was therefore severely restricted in the use of the rental property. A rent reduction of 90% for two months was achieved outside of civil proceedings.

RAin Dr. Irene Biber  / RA Martin Kern | 2021

Tenant improvements on Europaallee

Lutz Partner Attorneys at Law Ltd. advised a service provider in the healthcare sector in connection with the expansion, occupation and use of a commercial rental space in Europaallee in Zurich. Questions arose primarily regarding the tenant's fit-out as well as the distribution and financing of related costs. A solution satisfactory to all parties involved was found, so that the project implementation could be successfully put on track.

RAin Dr. Irene Biber  | 2020

Project resolution

Lutz Partner Rechtsanwälte AG advised an investor on resolving a blocked project situation. Due to a lack of consensus between the two participating investors and under pressure of financing third parties, a solution appropriate for all involved parties had to be found quickly. The situation could be resolved satisfactorily so that the project situation could be stabilized and pending litigation could be ended.

RA Martin Kern | 2020

Dismantling of tenant extensions with asbestos problem

Lutz Partner Rechtsanwälte AG advised an international group on questions of tenancy law at the end of a long-term tenancy agreement, in particular on the tenant's duty to dismantle tenant extensions. Various issues had to be resolved, in particular due to asbestos having been used in the construction of the building. An agreement could be reached between the parties and the dismantling could be concluded successfully. This case has shown the importance of clearly addressing the questions of tenant extensions and interface minutes when undertaking corporate restructurings which involve the transfer of tenancy agreements.

RAin Dr. Irene Biber | 2020

New location

Lutz Partner Rechtsanwälte AG is moving. Beginning on 22 June 2020, we will welcome you in our new premises at Tödistrasse 53, 8002 Zürich (postal address: Tödistrasse 53, Postfach 1905, 8027 Zürich). Our phone and fax numbers will remain unchanged.

Lutz Partner Rechtsanwälte | 2020

Presentation on leases during COVID-19

COVID-19 puts the law to the test. Several legal fields must handle difficult legal questions due to the extraordinary circumstances. Dr. Irene Biber has given a presentation on practical aspects of the enforcement of claims under tenancy law, hold on 10 June 2020 during an online seminar on the topic "Current questions of civil procedure and debt enforcement law ­– Civil procedures in the time of Corona", organised by the Europa Institute at the University of Zurich (EIZ).

RAin Dr. Irene Biber | 2020

BILANZ – Top Law Firm 2020

We are very pleased that our law firm has been awarded the title "TOP ANWALTSKANZLEI" by the business magazine Bilanz and the daily newspaper Le Temps for the third time in a row. More than 7,300 lawyers, around 420 in-house lawyers, the heads of the legal departments of the 500 largest companies in Switzerland and clients of law firms were invited to take part in the survey. The survey of the sample was conducted mainly via the Swiss Bar Association (SAV), company websites, publications and research in job networks such as Xing and LinkedIn.

RAin Dr. Irene Biber | 2020

Strengthening of our team with associate lawyer Lars Müller

We are pleased to announce that Lars Müller has joined our law firm. Lars Müller graduated at the University of Berne and worked as a lawyer at the district court of Bremgarten/AG and in different law firms in Zurich and Berne. Lars Müller has broad experience in general contract law, employment law, inheritance and matrimonial law, commercial and corporate law as well as civil and criminal procedural law and will advise and litigate for our clients.

Lutz Partner Rechtsanwälte | 2020

Engagements in connection with anti-money laundering compliance

Lawyers of Lutz Partner Rechtsanwälte AG have presented their opinion on current legal issues. Dr. Peter Lutz gave an overview of new developments in Switzerland's anti-money laundering regulations, RA Martin Kern on anti-money laundering issues of crypto currencies. Both presentations took place at the training seminar of the Swiss anti-money laundering self-regulatory organization of lawyers and notaries. Further, Dr. Peter Lutz and RA Martin Kern published an article in the Swiss journal Anwaltsrevue on the current legislative project of applying stricter anti-money laundering regulations to lawyers and notaries.

RA Dr. Peter Lutz / RA Martin Kern | 2019

Amendment of financing

Lutz Partner Rechtsanwälte AG advised a multinational industry group in connection with the amendment of several financing agreements affecting a total amount of CHF 290 million. The amendment was successfully concluded in May 2019 with the involvement of several group companies.

RA Dr. Peter Lutz / RA Martin Kern | 2019


Commercial Lease Agreement

Lutz Partner Rechtsanwälte AG has advised a well-known Swiss retail company in connection with the negotiation and conclusion of business lease agreements with Flughafen Zürich AG concerning various retail premises, including "THE CIRCLE". The leases were successfully concluded.

RAin Dr. Irene Biber | 2019

BILANZ – Top Law Firm 2019

We are very delighted that for the second time in a row the Swiss business journal Bilanz and the daily paper Le Temps have ranked our law firm as "TOP LAW FIRM". The published rating is based on a broad survey of lawyers, inhouse counsels, general counsels of the 500 largest Swiss companies and clients of law firms.

RAin Dr. Irene Biber | 2019


Advice on health care proxy

Advice regarding Lutz Partner Rechtsanwälte AG advises and supports several private clients in editing a contract concerning the case of their incapacity for judgement (so called "Vorsorgeauftrag").

RAin Stefanie Wimmer | 2019

Estate planning

Lutz Partner Rechtsanwälte AG advises various private clients on estate planning. In particular, a marriage and inheritance contract had to be drawn up for a married couple who owns various properties. This marriage and inheritance contract had to contain provisions regarding the division of the inheritance, so that the surviving spouse and the two children will be favored as closely as possible to the statutory inheritance law without selling one of the properties.

RAin Stefanie Wimmer | 2019

Presentation on crypto currencies and criminal law

On May 10, 2019, the seminar "Digitalization of Criminal and Criminal Procedural Law" took place in the IBM Client Center in Zurich. RA Martin Kern gave a lecture on the topic "Crypto currencies in criminal law", which addressed questions of criminal and anti-money laundering law. Program:

RA Martin Kern | 2019

Presentation on current issues of tenancy law

On 19 March 2019, the 6th seminar of the Europainstitut on current issues of tenancy law took place. Besides attorneys and lawyers working in the field of tenancy law, participants included real estate managers and representatives of the landlord and tenant association. RAin Irene Biber gave a lecture on the important topic "Tenant improvements - legal and technical responsibility of the parties, liability issues".

RAin Dr. Irene Biber | 2019

Foundation advice

Lutz Partner Rechtsanwälte AG advises several foundations on questions regarding incorporation, tax relief and structural changes.

RA Dr. Peter Lutz / RA Martin Kern | 2019

Estate settlement

Lutz Partner Rechtsanwälte AG advises various private clients on estate planning and estate settlement. Especially the client's claims in connection with his right to a compulsory portion had to be examined. In some cases, the right of information among the heirs had to be exercised. In all cases, the special circumstances of the individual case, such as residence abroad, considerable assets abroad or real estate as primary assets, had to be taken into account.

RAin Stefanie Wimmer | 2019

Amendment and Restatement

Lutz Partner Rechtsanwälte AG advised a multinational industry group in connection with the amendment and restatement of financing agreements in the amount of £180 million. The amendment was successfully concluded in February 2019 with the involvement of several group companies

RA Dr. Peter Lutz / RA Martin Kern | 2019

Restructuring according to the Merger Act

Lutz Partner Rechtsanwälte AG advised a medium-sized construction company on a restructuring. The demerger according to the Swiss Merger Act and the incorporation of a new company, together with a reduction of capital and change of the articles of association was successfully concluded.

RA Martin Kern | 2018

Estate planning

Lutz Partner Rechtsanwälte AG advises various private clients on estate planning, in particular advices regarding favoring of the long-term partner over the children of the testator, taking into account the children's right to a compulsory portion. The following circumstances had to be considered in particular: Swiss guarantor resident abroad, considerable assets abroad, companies and real estate in Switzerland.

RAin Stefanie Wimmer | 2018